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Is it beneficial to donate a car to my charity in British Columbia?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised by BC car, truck, SUV, van, and motorcycle donors. Make the most of your four-wheeled wonder!

If you choose to have your vehicle recycled, we will make a one-time donation based on the price our agent is willing to pay for it. This could bring in hundreds of dollars for your charity.

Donated vehicles are often resold by our agents. If the car is worth that much, the donation will go to charity because of this.

It doesn’t matter what your cause is; we’re here to help.

We’ll do our best to help you, no matter what kind of vehicle you have. Make a difference today by donating a car in British Columbia to the cause you care about!

In relation to the ICBC Transfer Document

Once you’ve completed the donation form, you’ll receive a response from us shortly. On business days, we usually respond to emails within an hour or two. We’re here to help over the weekend, too! You can expect things to move at your own pace if you decide to donate a car in British Columbia.

Tow agents will contact you or your designated tow contact after receiving this form to set up a time for the tow to occur. They’re going to ┬áDefine the current COVID measures.

Discuss the possibility of having your vehicle towed away (if this is your preference).

Make arrangements for the safekeeping of your keys and the original signed registration before you leave. An ICBC Transfer Form must be signed by you in order to transfer your account (our agent will advise regarding this process). This may necessitate the presence of the registered owner at the time of the tow. In order to make this transaction as quick and easy as possible, the agent will do everything they can!

Why don’t I just get rid of it?

Waste products from retired vehicles are being managed in accordance with all municipal, provincial, and federal laws by the Automotive Recyclers’ Environmental Association (AREA), which has developed a province-wide retirement programme. The Provincial Ministry of Environment has certified all of the member auto recyclers. All of the auto recyclers on this list are members of BC Auto Recycler and have met the organization’s stringent environmental requirements. The RCBC Recycling Hotline is the best place to look for local options.

You may be eligible for the BC SCRAP-IT programme if your vehicle has been insured for the previous six months. Incentives for trading in your old car can include transit passes, bicycles, car-sharing memberships, or cash. Would you like to know more? Directly contact the SCRAP-IT programme in British Columbia.

You can also contact the BC Recycling Hotline at 604-732-9253 or 1-800-667-4321 for more information about local programmes that accept scrap cars as charitable donations.

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