How do I donate my car to Goodwill

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When you give your car to the Goodwill Auto Auction, you’re helping Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley do what it’s supposed to do. You can also avoid the trouble of selling your car, putting ads in the paper, making appointments, and having strangers come to your home.

You can also avoid haggling and stress when you try to trade in your car. Goodwill tries to make your visit as fast and easy as possible. We offer free towing to get the car back. Goodwill will also send you a letter with the amount we got for your vehicle after we sell it. This information can be used to prove that a donation was made by putting a copy of the letter on a tax return.

Find out about the charity

There are many charities that accept car donations, but not all programs are the same. Before you give to a charity, do a lot of research on it to make sure that your goals and values are the same as theirs. For instance, do you know what your donation money will be used for? At Ohio Valley Goodwill,

we’re proud to say that the money we make from our weekly Goodwill Auto Auction goes toward our goal of helping people in the Cincinnati area find jobs and get hired. Your good deed will not only help a person or family who needs a car, but it will also help Goodwill offer programs and services that can change people’s lives and help the whole community.

Make sure you have your paperwork with you.

Once you’ve chosen a charity, it’s time to gather your vehicle’s paperwork, such as the title. If you don’t have the title, you’ll have to get another one. In addition to working with the DMV to get your vehicle’s title, you should also contact the charity to explain your situation. They may be able to help you get your title faster and speed up the donation process.

Get a receipt for the money you gave.

Did you know that you might be able to get a tax break if you give your car to charity? When you give your car to a charity like Ohio Valley Goodwill, you will get a receipt. If you itemize your taxes, you might be able to use this receipt to get a tax break. To find out more about how your donation will affect your taxes,

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