How long does a personal injury lawsuit take in Florida

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The Investigative Stage

The trial procedure drags out in part because to a procedure called discovery. Here, both parties are free to ask the other for information. The court sets the discovery period, but the parties may ask for an extension. Between six months and a year are possible. The parties conduct pertinent witness interviews, document requests, and questioning during this period.

Due to the likelihood that both parties would disagree to any or all of the requests, discovery may take a while. In order to help settle these conflicts, the judge might need to get involved. It may be necessary to subpoena witnesses because they might not be available for interviews or might decline to show up. The requesting party must check the information after it is produced to make sure it satisfies the original request.


Conversations about Personal Injury Settlements

The dispute is unlikely to be resolved before a lawsuit is filed unless it is exceptionally simple. Any stage of the process, including discovery, is a potential period for settlement negotiations to take place. This is so that the strength of your claims can be more clearly demonstrated as all of the pertinent facts regarding the case is typically made public during discovery.

The trial schedule isn’t significantly affected by settlement discussions, but settling will end the lawsuit and put an end to the dispute. You will need to strike the right balance between needing the matter resolved quickly and agreeing to a settlement that is less than what your claim is worth. You can assess the merits of any settlement offer with the assistance of your attorney.

Prior judgments and agreements

Over 5,500 accidents, personal injury, victim’s rights, and wrongful death lawsuits have been handled by Jason Turchin. The cases we have handled for our customers, numbering in the thousands, are briefly represented in the list below.

The information about previous settlements and/or verdicts from one or more of our attorneys can be found on the pages below. The Florida Bar believes that upon your request, this material may be disclosed. Therefore, the following disclaimer is provided: The facts and conditions of a potential client may be different from the one in which results have been delivered. Not all outcomes are offered.

The outcomes are not always indicative of the outcomes attained by the attorney and/or legal firm. The Florida Bar has not reviewed or approved the information. Each client’s case must be assessed and handled according to its own merits because every situation is unique. Please use your browser’s Back button or instantly leave this page if you do not want to see the previous results page.


Receiving medical assistance should always be the first action in the personal injury timeline. For two reasons, we state this. Your wellbeing and health come first. We all too well know that the shock of an accident can frequently make pain sensations worse for up to 48 hours or even longer, even if your injuries seem minor at first. Receiving medical attention right away enables you to evaluate, recognize, and treat any injuries sustained during your accident.

Second, developing a personal injury lawsuit requires a strong trail of medical evidence. In addition to demonstrating that you were hurt, seeking medical assistance right away can also help prove that your injuries were caused by your accident and not some preexisting condition. Medical aid should always come first in a personal injury timetable. You may be entitled to financial compensation if you or a loved one was hurt in an accident. Learn more about the different personal injury damages for which you may be eligible for compensation.

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