In an episode of Wakanda for all time: the professional black panther podcast that 

Aired on Thursday, the black panther director recalled his "ultimate communique"

With the beloved actor, who died of colon most cancers in august 2020 at the age 

 Of forty-three. On the time, cooler, 36, noted he was calling Boseman "to ask

If he desired to examine [the script] earlier than I was given notes from the studio."

That became the closing time we spoke. He handed maybe multiple weeks when 

 I completed," he endured. Getting emotional over the reminiscence, he said, 

I could inform he changed into laying down while we have been speakme. 

He kicked [taylor] Simone out due to the fact he informed her he failed to want

Her to listen to something that might get him into a problem with his NDA."