What are the weaknesses of a lawyer

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a planning technique used to identify and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business endeavor to make well-informed decisions. For career management, you would use SWOT analysis to identify your internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats to your career success. Each element must be applied to maximize your career development and bring you closer to your overall career aspirations.

Remember, you must be honest with yourself and clearly define each SWOT component. Also, try to consider how you can capitalize on your strengths and better develop your weaknesses.

Lawyers can make really good money

One advantage of being a lawyer is that you can make really good money from your profession. Especially if you work in the private sector, lawyers often start with an income of over 100.000 dollars. After a few years, this income can even double. If you become a partner at a big law firm, chances are that you will even have a 7-figure-income.

Thus, there are not many other jobs that pay that well and if you really want to make significant money, chances are that becoming a lawyer will be the way to go for you.

Highly reputable profession

Studying law also has a quite good reputation in our society. Since it is not easy to finish law studies and become a successful lawyer, many people will admire what you achieved and also want to be like you.

In turn, you can enjoy the admiration of your family and your friends and you can also help them out in case they need a good lawyer in the future.

Being a lawyer never gets boring

Since the cases you will work on will often be quite demanding and you will have to work quite long hours on a regular basis, you will definitely not get bored with your job as a lawyer. In fact, every case will be different and you will always have to adapt to new circumstances. While this can be challenging, it will keep you in a mental state where you try to achieve as much as possible. In turn, your brain will stay awake and vital and there will be no leisure in which you could get bored.

Clients Aren’t Spending As Much

Lawyers discussing paperwork at laptops in conference room meetings Clients have become more conscious of their legal spending. After years of seeing billing hikes far exceeding inflation, clients began demanding more value for their dollars. This forces lawyers to keep their billing rates reasonable. The market will no longer pay top dollar for expensive lawyers to perform tasks that can be accomplished more cheaply, quickly, and efficiently by technology or by other professionals such as ​paralegals.

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