What cars do the rich drive

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The new BMW X5 will be released in 2021.

The “BMW Heiress” is Susanne Klatten (28.9 billion dollars), the heiress to a multi-billion dollar fortune that includes a 12.5% stake in BMW. As far as cars go, she could have driven an i8, but in favor of a grey SUV because she says, “it’s roomier and less conspicuous.”

The new X5 has 523 horsepower, plenty of interior space, and is particularly difficult to spot in a country like Germany, so her motivations aren’t as noble as some of the others on this list. Considering her recent blackmailing, this is a useful tool.

A Honda Accord from 1999, owned by Jeff Bezos

Bezos ($193.3 billion) has tried to make it clear that Amazon only spends money on things that matter to the customer from the recycled wooden desks of Amazon employees to the cars he drives. At around $18 billion in 1999, he “upgraded” from his Chevy Blazer to an Accord of the same year, which he had previously used for package deliveries to the post office.

“That” James Bond Lotus Esprit, according to Elon Musk – McLaren F1.

For Tesla, the electric car company you may have heard of recently, Elon Musk is to blame.

In addition to PayPal, he has invested in a variety of other businesses, and he has spent his money on a number of unique vehicles in the past. Also, the Lotus Esprit from the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me was purchased by Musk for nearly $600,000.

Musk, on the other hand, intends to turn it into a proper submarine and keep it there for the foreseeable future. It’s almost as crazy as his Mars missions…

Bernard Arnault is a French artist.

Imagine that you’re the CEO of the world’s largest luxury goods company, selling Moet and Louis Vitton to the wealthy. You know you’ll need a high-end vehicle to go along with it, don’t you?

If you’re Bernard Arnault, you might not care too much about it. As far as cars go, his recent sightings in the BMW 760Li don’t exactly indicate that he’s on the cutting edge of the fashion industry. It’s up to each individual to make their own decisions.

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