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National Kidney Foundation Thrift Stores are now open!

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is one of the country’s leading kidney disease research groups. There has been a long history of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) leading the fight against kidney illness and sponsoring research into a cure for kidney disease since the 50s. While the National Kidney Foundation’s mission is to educate the public on how to protect their kidneys, they also conduct a national educational programme on kidney health.

To raise money for its research and initiatives, the National Kidney Foundation operates or collaborates with other private Thrift Stores across the United States. When you select DonationTown.org as your contribution resource, you can donate clothing or household goods to the National Kidney Foundation thrift stores. Never before has made a donation been so simple!

The National Kidney Foundation’s Donation Pick-Up Station

The National Kidney Foundation’s thrift stores can be found all throughout the country. National Kidney Foundation branches in your area determine where you can donate and where you can pick up your donated kidneys. Contribution Town can help you set up a donation collection point for the National Kidney Foundation in your neighbourhood. Make a free Kidney charity clothing donation pick-up appointment online now!

Organize a clothing, toy, or household item pickup for the National Kidney Foundation.

When you visit the Donation Town information page, you can easily book a National Kidney Foundation donation pickup appointment. Request a free donation pickup from the National Kidney Foundation by simply pressing a button. The National Kidney Foundation is responsible for providing you with a tax-deductible receipt for your National Kidney Foundation donations after your clothing donation pick up. You can arrange your first free National Kidney Foundation donation pick-up online now!

I donated money, but where does it go after I’ve received it? Are you able to utilise it in your area?

Every Canadian who has a renal illness is given hope, support and empowerment through the funds raised through Kidney Clothes. As a national non-profit, the Kidney Foundation works to improve the quality of life for Canadians with kidney disease. There are numerous programmes and services provided by the Renal Foundation to persons who have or are at risk of kidney disease.

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