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Utilization Ease

Visitors should be able to easily find information on an insurance website if the website is designed properly. Common tasks, such as filing claims, seeking coverage, evaluating and making changes to a policy, paying a bill, and so on, must be completed swiftly by users. Our evaluation of “ease” was based on the website’s navigation and information design, as well as how simple it was to discover information and accomplish basic tasks.


Customers who purchase insurance want to believe that they are in command and that they are getting the best bargain available. Unfortunately, insurance is difficult to understand. The majority of people are unfamiliar with insurance words, particularly those pertaining to coverage, which makes it difficult to distinguish between one plan and another.

Giving users more control over their purchases can be accomplished by assisting them in understanding the risks and making informed decisions about their purchases. The best insurance websites offer clear options, such as side-by-side comparisons of different policies and explanations of policies, coverage, and risks in plain English. Other features of the best insurance websites include clear navigation and easy-to-understand content.


When it comes to purchasing insurance, it is an emotional decision. Users are looking to protect their lives and health as well as their homes, families, and valuables. It is critical for users to have the impression that they are being well treated throughout this process. When it comes to insurance, many people look for help and reassurance from others. We evaluated how well insurance websites performed in the “advice” category based on how well they “humanized” the experience of assisting, directing, and reassuring consumers while on the internet.

Contact Information that is easily accessible

If you have a strong desire to contact Stone Agency Insurance’s staff as soon as you arrive on their website, you will not have a difficult time locating their contact information. Stone’s phone number, email address, and a Facebook icon link are all prominently displayed at the top of the page, far above the fold. Clicking on the Facebook icon link will take you to the firm’s social media website.

Navigation with no frills

Even if you discover that you require additional time before contacting Stone, exploring their website is really straightforward. Each of their five menus contains information about the company: about, home & auto, business insurance, contact, and claims & carriers. Because everything is so obvious, you won’t have to guess what you’re clicking on.

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