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How Can A Tampa Car Accident Attorney Help You?

What is the value of your personal injury claim? What do you think about emotions like diminished earning potential and emotional distress? When you manage your case alone, an insurance company will probably estimate the worth of your claim. You may be sure that they will underestimate your injuries since they want to reduce their payout. Our auto accident attorneys also make sure that all of your damages are precisely identified and evaluated.

The attorneys do more than just calculate your current expenses; they also consider the potential long-term effects of your injury. Their assessment is supported by verifiable witnesses and hard data. Insurance firms find it challenging to give you anything less than what you deserve as a result.

Your accident will be properly investigated by the lawyer and legal team so that the required proof may be acquired.

If you have serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident in Tampa, you must have a car accident lawyer fighting for your rights. Because of insurance claim adjusters, paying for your medical expenses can be challenging. Your prospective injury can cause you to miss some time at work (or even force you to lose your job). For several reasons, it is advantageous to have a Tampa automobile accident attorney handle your claim. One of the key reasons is that our attorneys can help lower your liability in the event of an accident if the fault is disputed. Even if you contributed to an accident, Florida law may still allow you to recover damages. However, the amount of your recovery is inversely correlated with your liability.

The Most Serious Accident Cases in Broward County as a Specialty

When you sustain serious injuries in an accident brought on by someone else’s negligence, you must deal with a wide range of challenges, including physical discomfort, extensive and expensive medical care, lost income, stress over your physical health, and concern over how you will be able to take care of your family. All of that is what Rosen Injury Law, P.A. is here to assist with.

Eric Rosen, our lead attorney, is a Florida Board-Certified expert in civil litigation who has obtained sizable verdicts to assist his clients in coping with the suffering and interruption to their lives caused by another party’s wrongdoing. In order to provide outstanding service to injury victims and ensure that they receive the treatment they require while he pursues maximum reimbursement from the insurance company, Eric has established an exclusive, boutique practice.


Costs or cost deposits pay for all the extras that must be taken care of as part of every case. These costs are not included in your attorney’s legal fees, so you will need to discuss your options with them.

If there is any money left over after the case, the attorney will refund you the cost deposit, which you can use to pay for their fees upfront. The money is kept in a trust account, and all information will be completely transparent for you to inspect.



Additionally, the lawyer’s availability might not be free, particularly in complex cases. Some personal injury legal companies do charge extra for just being there for you, however, this is not true of all of them. The retainers may be refundable or non-refundable; the latter option requires your approval in order to be applicable.

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